Thinking bigger, seeing farther, and making impact. Insights into leading, building, and evolving B2B brands in tech and creative industry, brought to you by "the fast thinker", Patrick Kizny.

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Currently, I publish twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, in a condensed 5—10 min podcast and article format.

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We’re drowning in useless information. We’re often deceived by an epidemic of insight porn, primarily designed to hijack reward systems, fuel algorithms and growth of growth-hackers.

This only reinforces my belief, that deep thinking and insight gained in the trenches is of high value and deserves recognition.

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I’m Patrick Kizny

The fast thinker, black-belt creative, and serial entrepreneur.

The last few decades have been a whirlwind of founding and leading creative firms in digital marketing, brand strategy, design, film production, and 3D animation, as well as a couple of tech ventures.

Currently, transitioning from studio owner to independent advisor, I leverage my creative expertise to build bridges between technology, people and the future.

Creative firms draw from my experiences, coming for advisory on growth, marketing, and future proofing.

For tech venture founders in hardware, space, and deep-tech, I focus on building B2B brand strategies and efficient communications.

It's Futurecrafting™. It spins around:
⇀ Vision & Leadership
⇀ Business Strategy
⇀ Brand Positioning
⇀ Future-proofing
⇀ New business

Personally, I've recently designed and built a near-off-grid house in the forest, where I unwind playing a century-old saxophone, to the joy of raccoons.

You can get in touch with me via my LinkedIn, check The Futurecrafting Advisory or book a call.

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Thinking bigger, seeing farther, making impact. Insights into building and evolving creative businesses and B2B brands. Coming at you from "the fast thinker", Patrick Kizny. #creative #business #b2b #branding #marketing


Fast Thinker | Anti-expert | Advisor to creative firms | B2B brand builder. Elevating bridges between technology, people and the future. Earned a black belt running creative firms since 2000s. Jazz lover, unwinding playing a 100 years old sax.