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The industry is paved with unrecognized value

#1 The Observation

The creative industry is paved with unrecognized value. It's not just motion design studios. It's pretty much entire creative industry.

And now, it's not just us, advisors & consultants.

Take a look at this post from James Callahan of Future Deluxe.

What he says in a self and problem-aware manner, is that us, creative studios, fall into talking pixels, but fail so badly communication outcomes of our work.

Hearing it from one of the acclaimed studios is new, and deserves recognition. Why is it so important?

Between us, advisors and industry veterans, we've long discussed how creative firms struggle to present their work in a way that demonstrates impact, not self-praise. But that's not sufficient.

To tackle these issues we need we need collective awareness and momentum.

#2 The Insight

Now, let's put it in a wider perspective.

What if I told you that the focus on pretty pixels is not a problem, but a symptom?

In my polls, 80% of firms agreed that the frustration of clients not understanding the value and under-appreciating their work is real. But it's not clients being ugly and us being the wonderful.

This problem boils down to one thing:

Lack of alignment of value. Or, value blindness, if you will.In

layman terms? It’s 4 subproblems that are absolutely solvable!

  1. We, creatives don't recognize the value we create. It takes a mindset.

  2. We don't have clarity about what constitutes value for our clients. This takes understanding of a value chain you're part of.

  3. We don't have systems and routines to align with our clients on what constitutes value. Hint: It's not in the brief. It’s between the lines.

  4. We lack ability to communicate that value, through our websites, portfolios etc…

Because of all that, our efforts often come unrecognized, for the communication is not there.

We want to overdeliver, but we hit the wall, because we haven't set up the right expectations (value alignment).

#3 The Solution

These observations, made across 2 decades of running my creative firms, and working with countless peers and clients, lead me to distilling the industry problems. From there, I looked for solutions.

And that's exactly how I came to create The Value Method.

The vision?

Imagine a world where leaders of creative firms no longer struggle with understanding, creating, and communicating value, but gain mastery of the value chains and value flow, so that their firms become more profitable, future-proof, face less competition, and make a greater impact for their clients.

Isn't it compelling?

That's the vision I have for the industry, and a foundation of Futurecrafting™ — my advisory practice for creative firms.

When I work with studios like yours, we systematically tackle these issues, to turn unrecognized creative excellence into client acclaim and profit.

Hit me up, let’s see if we can push you firm through the hardships or even just to share perspectives.

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